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Installation And Estimates For Any Professional Fencing Needs


Our mission is simple, to provide superior quality fencing products  and services for each customers particular needs. We handle the  estimates, installation and all of the logistics so that you don’t have  to. Let us guide you through the process so that the outcome is exactly  what you want and have always imagined. Complete customer satisfaction  is what we strive for every time!

Professional Fence Installation:

We at Fence and Plus provide top-of-the-line  installation of residential, industrial, commercial, construction, and  temporary fence products in the Orlando area. We offer PVC fencing, Wood  Fencing, Aluminum Gates and Chain Link Fencing as our specialty. Let us  make it easy for you. Our in-house installers make it a point to keep  you involved in the decision making such as scheduling times that are  convenient for you and providing quality control during the installation  process. Communication is key to a satisfied customer so expect to get a  walk through of completed work with the installer throughout the  process. We pride ourselves in not only being professional and courteous  but also friendly and helpful to meet your expectations.

Educating Our Customers:

We don’t expect our customers to be knowledgeable  of the fence industry – that’s what we are here for! The process can be  time consuming and complicated for those who are new to the field and it  is our belief that educating our customers will make it more  comfortable for everyone involved. The more you understand about what we  are doing the better able you are to make the right decisions. We help  you throughout the development with everything from choosing the fence  type and product used, to styling, pricing, permitting, installation,  warranty information and more. Working with you is what we do to insure  that you are making selections that are functional to your specific  needs and you are clear about the scope of work and services that will  be provided.

Permit Process:

We will handle the permitting system for you. All  of the paperwork and applications that are involved as well as  facilitating the inspection after completion of the work will be in our  hands. As an added benefit we are happy to help with Homeowner’s  Association documentation in order to speed up the approval process.

Follow up to ensure Total Satisfaction:

Since satisfaction is 100%  guaranteed here at Fence and Plus we ensure a follow up once the job is  complete. You will receive a courtesy call upon job completion. At this  time we will address any questions or concerns you have after you have  inspected the work. An onsite walk through can also be arranged upon  completion of project to have a discussion in regards to your  satisfaction with our services. We like to be at the forefront every  step of the way to ensure a happy customer.

Our Warranty:

At Fence and Plus we are confident in our performance and stand behind it 100%.  We provide quality materials and installation and will warrant the  labor on installed fence products to be free from any faulty or  defective workmanship for a period of one year after the completion of  fence installation. All products installed by Fence and Plus are  contingent with proper use and care of the product.

                                                              “WE AIM TO PLEASE”